HDLC Architectural Review Committee

Tuesday January 24 2012

Initial presentation to the ARC which is made up of professionals who make a recommendation to the Historic District Landmarks Commission.

FMIA Board Meeting Presentation

Wednesday February 01 2012

Presentation of the design and mix of uses to the Board of the neighborhood association.

FMIA General Membership Presentation

Monday February 27 2012

Brief presentation of the design and mix of uses to the general membership of the neighborhood association.

Frenchmen/Maringy Business Owners Lunch 01

Thursday May 16 at Noon

Frenchmen/Maringy Business Owners Lunch 02

Thursday May 24 at Noon

Design Working Group 01

Thursday May 24 at 6:00 P

A group of architectural professionals, city leaders and neighborhood leaders met to discuss the design.

On Site Open House 01

Monday June 04 from 5:30 to 7:30 P

Please join us for an on site open house to see the renderings, models and proposed redevelopment for 501 Elysian Fields.  Wine and refreshments provided by Wasabi.

Design Working Group 02

Tuesday June 05 at 6:00 P 

On Site Open House 02

Saturday June 09 from 10 A to Noon

Please join us for an on site open house to see the renderings, models and proposed redevelopment for 501 Elysian Fields.

City Planning Commission Planning Advisory Committee

Wednesday June 13 at 2 P

Received approval to proceed to the full Commission.


Design Working Group 03

Tuesday June 19 at 6:00 P

City Planning Commission Hearing

Tuesday June 26 2012

Received unanimious approval of the plan and the Conditional Use Zoning needed to proceed.

HDLC Architectural Review Committee

Tuesday July 24 2012

To demonstrate that the design for Elisio Lofts was revised to reflect the suggestions made in the first ARC meeting, we presented the project once more.  Subsequently, the ARC and the staff of the HDLC issued a letter of recomendation to the HDLC.  

Design Working Group 04

Thurday August 09 2012

HDLC Public Hearing

Friday August 10 2012

In a split vote, the HDLC Hearing resulted in a "vote of no action" requiring an Appeal to the City Council.

City Council Hearing

Thursday September 6 2012

For all that you said.  For all that you wrote.  For all that you did.   To everyone who supported our Elisio Lofts at 501 Elysian Fields for the this eleven month gauntlet of an approval process, thank you. 

From literally all but one immediate neighbor to two folks from far away Rome and Istanbul.  From many courageous small-business owners to Marigny's largest employers.  From graphic designers and fine artists to a certain world-class Center for Creative Arts.  From 27 architects and urban planners to four students studying to ply the craft.  From 17 start-up company founders drawn here since 2005 to 15 people on their staffs who live in Marigny.  All tolled, thank you for the letters of support.  Thank you for the gift of your time in mind-numbing public hearings.  And, above all thank you for your passionate devotion to making New Orleans a more forward-looking, vibrant city.

It once was that way.   Early adopters.  Artists. Entrepreneurs.  An economic magnet with people who created North America's first apartment building, its first opera house and its first hotel among many firsts in many disciplines.  Though, we lost our way for 70 years, the narrative should sound familiar to you.  It's our turn now, and terrific change is afoot, even if a City Council person cannot see it.  You are gifted leaders in this change, and this nationally consequential project was to be part of that narrative in the very best way. 

While that will not happen, what was so clear to me today is that you form a rapidly growing, increasingly influential chorus of voices that harken a bright new day.  We am sure of it.  So young you make me a senior statesman.  Black, white, Asian, Hispanic, Native American, gay, straight, men, women, homeowner, renter, resident, innkeeper, proprietor, employee, business owner, customer, client and one pregnant with twins.  Unreal diversity among us.   You are smart, talented and eager to cultivate a far more appealing sense of community in Marigny, not one laced with chronic negativity.

Ultimately, change is tough.  You know it.  Especially here, where history tends not to be kind to those who rush it.  Let's rush it anyway.   We did not lose today.  New Orleans did.  And, after we all get over the disappointment, let's double our resolve and get organized.  Our numbers are growing every day while the opposition is increasingly insular and isolated by a world-view and temperament that fewer and fewer embrace.